Contribute to the First Nations Grassroots Anthology!

Are you a First Nation novice or budding
story writer, poet, artist, or photographer?
We are looking for you!

First Nations Artist Denny Morrison next to his “Round Dance” mural

The Research and Development Unit (RDU) of the Manitoba First
Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC) is initiating the
creation of a First Nations grassroots anthology to showcase:
Short-stories (Fact or Fiction)
Photography (Artistic, Digital)
Original Art Work (Digital photos of Art)
Youth (16+) and Adults (18+) that have a passion for writing, art or photography and willing to showcase it with others are asked to
submit their work before October 31, 2012. For more info, contact:

1) Dr. Betty Lynxleg, RDU Specialist:
Telephone: 937-5984
Valerie Bighetty, Research Assistant:
Telephone: 1-800-319-4857 ext 2091

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