TOGETHER – A Fundraiser for Hand Drums


Do you want to make a hand drum? Do you want to support young people in making a hand drum for themselves? Join us on THURS. NOV 8/12 at 6pm at the Metis Club (406 McGregor) for a night of singing dancing, and celebrating the gifts of our community.


This Saturday Nov. 3rd 2012 at 4:30pm, join the Healing Still Continues Group as we have a sweat to pray for good things with our hand drum projects. We are asking for the help of our ancestors and our community so that we can do this work in a good way. We do not often ask for money, or deal with funds, and so we hope we can reach our goal of  $1500!! Please send your prayers, or if you would like to attend/contribute, please let us know!


Will happen on a weekend in November and will be open to 20 youth  more details COMING SOON!


At the end of November (or beginning of December) we will have our 3rd annual Feasting Our Hand Drums. At this feast, we will invite pipe carriers, community spiritual helpers and elders to share their wisdom with us young people. We want to also honour the 20 youth who were able to make their very own hand drums!!


We are still looking for more helpers and support on these initiatives. If you are willing to help, Meet us at the Bell Tower, or send us an email info [at] ayomovement [dot] com

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