Meet Me @ the Bell Tower – 1 Year Anniversary

On November 16, 2012 the Meet Me @ the Bell Tower – Stop the Violence Movement will celebrate one year of coming together to bring unity to the community.

You are invited to celebrate this incredible milestone and for that reason we are issuing a challenge:

If you have ever been to the bell tower, please come back for this special occasion, and lets have a Bell Tower Reunion. Not only a reunion, but a celebration as you are also challenged to bring a friend with you.  And if you haven’t yet been to the Bell Tower, this is a great time to check it out.


WHO: All Winnipeggers are invited to support this youth led anti-violence movement

WHAT: A family friendly event that will see cake, gifts, Bell Tower Awards, special guests and more!

WHERE: The North End Bell Tower  (across from  470 Selkirk Avenue)

WHEN: Fri. November 16, 2012

HOW: Simply arrive at 6pm, bring a prize, bring your voice and bring a friend!

WHY: We sit and share stories, invite guests and ring the bell, all with the hopes that if we continue to build relationships with one another, and take pride in our community we can truly stop the violence.

Please join us on our facebook page & help us spread the word!


These rallies are only successful because each person who comes brings prizes, food and their peers.

You can download some posters and put them up anywhere here

4 thoughts on “Meet Me @ the Bell Tower – 1 Year Anniversary

    • northendmc says:

      that would be great 🙂 We have all ages who come to the events. what happens is, we pick a winning ticket, then the winner comes up to the prize pile and chooses the prize that they want!

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