A msg from Tara Williamson:

Aaniin Neechis!

I’ve outlined this as briefly as I can.  Be sure to make it to the “How” section.  It’s my favourite part.(Spoiler alert – it involves support from the collective known as Anonymous)

Please distribute widely.



–          Anyone can upload information to the website to help compile an anonymously reported list of sisters who have been assaulted, gone missing, or been murdered.

–          It’s especially important for this resource to be made available to frontline social service workers and Aboriginal agencies and political organizations


–          Crowdsourcing uses technology and social media to harness the power of the masses.  Because you can report either with an email or anonymously, we are hoping to get more accurate #s of how many Indigenous woman have gone missing or who have been murdered or sexually assaulted

–          If you go to the site, there are instructions on how to embed the map into your own website.


–          All over Canada


–          It’s live now – !

–          The crimes can be from anytime – 50 years ago and from today.


–          Police forces and other authorities have shirked their responsibilities for too long.  This project is meant to not only shame those authorities into getting the work done, but is also meant to provide an outlet for women, workers, and families to be able to document cases that do not receive ample attention elsewhere.


–          This project is being supported at least in part by members of the collective Anonymous.  It is part of #OpThunderbird which started as a way to pressure the Thunder Bay Police to solve the sexual assault of an Indigenous woman in December of 2012.  This woman was brutally beaten and raped, her attackers told her they had done this before and would do it again, and when they left her in the bush to die, they told her she deserved to lose her treaty rights. She lived, walked hours back to the city in the freezing cold, and reported the crime to the police.

–          Since the beginning of #OpThunderbird, members of the Anonymous collective have been able to acquire important information about the case and have started to leak it.  They are actively and effectively highlighting the racism and negligence of the TBay PD and are also finding more evidence to build cases.  Supporting this project means supporting a novel plan of action to bring justice to our sisters, aunties, mothers, grandmothers, and daughters.

Miigwech for taking the time to learn about this project.  Please support it the best you know how – distribute this email widely, talk about the project to others, support the Indigenous women in your life.

Hei hei,

Tara Williamson


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