Repost: #JohnWatchWPG

(originally posted on July 8/11 by MC here:

This blog is reposted to see if there is any interest from my fellow citizens in our communities that want to do something to take a stand against the sexual predators that roam our streets and exploit our children and family members. Our responsibility to do something  about this is not going away – let’s do this together. – MC


So I am of the opinion that those who can, MUST speak for those who cannot. 
When I read the most recent Winnipeg Police Service’s report on how they are committed to helping sexually exploited youth, I was thrilled. I was happy to get the email because I want to see that our police are doing more to stop the human trafficking that goes on. Its extra upsetting because the victims are just getting younger ( Here are the #s in the report:

– 3 sex trade workers arrested
– ‘several’ youth at risk were identified
– 33 addresses were checked out
– 7 youth were taken to safe places
– 1 ‘adult cautioned for Interfering with a Child in Care’

Pretty good eh? I think that’s ok except…something seems strange about these numbers. From what I know, young people in the sex trade are being exploited. Where in these numbers are the ADULTS who actually EXPLOIT our kids???? One adult was ‘cautioned’? Really? That seems like a small number to me. Maybe its cuz the cops need more eyes on this situation. Now, I don’t know about you other North Enders reading this or not, but I see creepers out and about all the time. And I for one, would like to see those creepers, many of whom drive around in their company vehicles held accountable.

I think the citizens of winnipeg should get together and say we will not stand for this anymore. We will not allow our children to be treated as objects, abused and then abandoned.


Starting now, myself and the #JohnWatchWPG Team will be sending out info to twitter so that citizens can keep an eye on the streets ourselves. If any of you notice someone creepy and the police do not respond, are unavailable, or you would rather do something about it right now, join us. Use the hash tag #JohnWatchWPG and send the info to our whole city (#Winnipeg).

Together we are stronger people, and this ones for the kids.


—–original e-mail excerpt—-

The Winnipeg Police Service Vice Unit and Missing Persons Unit, working in partnership with Community Social Services Agencies, initiated a joint project to target youth at high risk of being sexually exploited or victimized in our city.
On July 7, 2011 Winnipeg Police Service members and our partners, pro actively addressed these issues surrounding the sex trade and our at risk youth. 3 arrests of sex trade workers were made and several youth acting as sex trade workers were identified. 33 addresses were further checked for youth who are currently missing and 7 at risk youth were each transported to a place of safety. One adult was cautioned for Interfering with a Child in Care under Section 52 of the Child and Family Services Act.
Our commitment to issues surrounding the sex trade and missing youth will continue.

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