Canoe Voyage of Hope – Nipissing to Ottawa

A message from Rodney  Commanda of Nipissing First Nation:



In the time of our ancestors they would use the river roads to travel, trade with other communities, hunt game, or communicate amongst nations. This journey is taking on an ancestrial path that hasn’t been in use since those times. Some have called this adventure an epic journey or inspiring expedition. At its center this canoe voyage is a mission of hope.

Hope this message carries through to those that matter. Hope the people understand that we need this world to live. Hope the world survives this greed long enough for us to care for it. Hope that we unite as people of the world to make a stand for whats right. Hope for a future that is being stolen from generations to come.

Our youth were inspired by all the activity going on around the INM call to action and have resided to answer the call with this amazing adventure. Through this canoe voyage of hope to Ottawa the true substance of the messages are to uplift the human spirit.

Anyone can be involved or add there letter to ours.

Everything begins for you the moment you decide to get involved.

I’m going to begin this weekend by collecting the wood for voyagers to make a paddle of their own. Then as soon as the ice breaks canoe excursions to build stamina. Everyone going will need to ready.

The canoe voyage will take place June 14th to June 21, 2013

more details to come…



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