Studio Central Bulletin – May 14th to 24th, 2013


Dear AYO! Movement

We recently received a very warm message from Rebecca, the Community Art Program Coordinator at Studio Central @ 444 Kennedy St. We have met Ernie and Lucille Bart already (they have attended the Bell Tower gathering a couple times). This awesome organization has bi-weekly bulletins – they come out every 2 weeks and all the programs/entertainment are free to the public. See this excerpt of Rebecca’s message below:

We are always looking to engage new artists from the community to participate, perform or just visit the studio. Hopefully you can share this with any interested folks who come to the Bell Tower (or anyone you might know!). The work you are doing in the community is incredible! I can’t wait to come and ring the bell soon and meet you in person.

Until then, please check out our bulletin and consider stopping by one day for a visit!

Here is the actual bulletin

studio central may 14 to 24

Here is the contact info for Studio Central

Studio Central

444 Kennedy St. (2nd floor)

Box 201, Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z1

Phone: 204-943-8290


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