Solutions to Create Hope – MM@BT May 31st, 2013

Solutions to Create Hope - MM@BT May 31st, 2013

Give solutions or some actions to give some hope in some way-MMBT-May 31 2013
1. ? media outlet/FB to make others aware
2. Work with each other as we do on a daily basis
3. Being able to go and see them or go for coffee check a place out with them
4. Alternate place in community to go to?
5. ? Community members available-to go and crash but not sleep there
6. Block parents are still available
7. Donating a space -24 Safe Place
8. Exercise-jumping jacks/dancing/push-ups/laughing/singing tap gently at area on neck that has an indent and breathe in and out
9. “Make the feather feel better”
10. Is anything positive that can be built out of helpless situations???
11. You are loved
12. Why do we have Youth Suicides? Ripple effects of domestic violence and broken families
13. When reacting to suicide it is: Healthy to talk: about feelings-about choices-about bullying-about problems
14. Community safe houses
15. More positive respect from adults
16. Safe place to vent and recoup
17. Community Events help with poverty struck households- trouble feeding themselves-meals are social events which bring many smiles
18. General Communication-people in the city often feel alone in crowds. We are so disconnected from one another on the streets, it’s no wonder sadness is all around us. We are a lonely overpopulated race.
19. Employment
20. Food security
21. Housing
22. Artistic(Self) expression
23. Uplift the human spirit
24. Always let kids/youth feel: WANTED-IMPORTANT-and LOVED
25. Sense of belonging
27. “Natural Helpers”
28. Buddy System-struggling persons should always have a reliable place to go to or person to come see them when they are struggling like a one-sided sponsor system
29. Suicide Stress Line
30. Youth Drop-in Counselling
31. Increase communication between police/social workers/youth
32. Anti-bullying programs
1. Breathe in Breathe Out
2. INFORM about training programs and other resources
3. Go with them to appointments
4. Holiday meals
5. Community Events
6. Communicate with each other so don’t feel as alone or sad
8. Take care of yourself, eat well, exercise, meditate, dance, do something for yourself that makes you happy J J J
9. Help someone else or do a good deed. You are important and valued by other people.
10. Learn how to become Natural Helpers
11. Need for suicide response plans at RB Russell and Ndinawe-bullying response
12. Call parents and family and be sensitive
13. Listen to the younger ones-believe they know too
14. Accept differences in people-anti-bullying
15. Live is good-live stop youth suicide
16. Adapted ASIST Training for Youth 7 week 2 hour training rather than two-days Vince Sangret (WRHA)
17. I can tell everyone to stand up for kids Adults and other like: stand up/tell teacher/ask why they are bullying them
18. Teachers to stand up against bullying when it happens
19. Bully or Bystander-No Difference-NIIWAABAN-Stand Up-Giigidoon SPEAK UP

photo credit: Greg Littlejohn
recorded by: Dee Thomas

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