Solutions to Give Hope 24/7 Project Gains Momentum!

solutions to give HOPE



What began on May 31st at Meet Me @ the Bell Tower documenting ways to prevent youth suicide has grown into a vehicle for our community to have their voices heard. Since June 7th, When Romondo Nilles and his circle of supporters launched this project “Solutions to Give Hope” approximately 700 community members have launched their support. This is an initiative intended to keep youth safe 24/7 and create a space in the North End where youth can have access to services in the middle of the night, instead of going to the Manitoba Youth Centre or being put into CFS (Child & Family Services). So far Ross Eadie and Kevin Lamoureux are supportive and we will meet with Kevin Chief this week. We have supporters from Toronto, Wisonson-USA


Check out what some of our community members have been saying about this initiative

  • Our kids need support 24-7. Part of the support includes a safe place that is always available when necessary. It’s a good investment for our kids now and into the future.
  • This is needed very bad

You can sign the PETITION online here!

You can read the Winnipeg Free Press Article About this initiative here – Wed June 18th

The plan moving forward, once we reach our goal of 1,000 signatures, is to sit down with each level of government (Ross Eadie, Kevin Chief & Kevin Lamoureux) and present our case and see if they can help. We will also connect with the Gang Action Inter-Agency Network 24 Hour Working Group to see how we can get involved with other organizations who have been advocating for this same resource for a long time as well.

If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them. Email Romondo at

romando [dot] nilles [at] hotmail [dot] com



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