AYO July in Pictures!

It has been a very busy month for the movement in Winnipeg. Thank you to all the members of AYO Leadership who are working tirelessly, leading by example and creating opportunity!

@ the Main Street Farmer’s Market , 1 to 6pm @ 865 Main St


We had a lot of fun  this Water Wednesday moving and shaking to protect our lands & waters!

20130731_174236 20130731_180824 20130731_180910 20130731_181545 20130731_181611 20130731_182248 20130731_182311

We even love to hang out @ Idle No More planning meetings



AYO is so pleased to be working with our community on a 20 foot Water Wednesday banner!

20130710_181130 20130710_184619

Jenna recently hung out with A Tribe Called Red and represents on stage at Oodena Circle with Keewatin Otchichak

20130712_140400 20130725_130829 20130725_143909 20130726_133534 20130727_152228 20130727_181721

And our youngest AYO Leader Romondo successfully reached his goal of 1,000 supporters!



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