Congratulations! We Reached 1,000 Voices! (Keep Our Youth Safe 24/7)






You might recall that in the last few months there has been a very energetic young man (Romondo) leading the call from our North End community members that our young people need a safe space where they feel respected and loved 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This call came in the form of a petition that stated if we reached our goal of 1,000 Supporters by July 31st that we would move forward on the idea that our youth need a safe space 24/7 in the North End.  Special shout out to Jillian Taylor and CBC Manitoba for covering this on the 5 o clock TV and radio news asking the world to support our cause as well. The final tally is still rolling in but we have definitely surpassed our 1,000 person goal. Thank you all!

1000 voices

Let’s Keep Going

Now that we have made our goal there are a few steps that we must take, together. These are some of the steps we are going to take, but if you are interested in offering an idea or suggestion please CONTACT US – this idea is property of everyone ion the community now and your voice is going to matter all the way through our journey to keep our youth safe 24/7.

Thank You So Much

On behalf of Romondo Nilles, our many youth volunteers and the entire AYO Movement, we are so grateful for your support and vow to follow this initiative and keep you posted on our progress. Let’s keep up the momentum!

Love & Respect


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