OPPORTUNITY: The BRO Code Jan 18/14 (MB Men’s Network)

OPPORTUNITY: The BRO Code Jan 18/14 (MB Men's Network)

The BRO CODE: How Contemporary Culture Creates Sexist Men
This powerful new release takes aim and challenges us to examine the forces in male culture that conditions boys and men to dehumanize and disrespect women. Media forms are saturated with sexism movie & music videos that glamorize misogyny. Pornography trades in the brutalization of women, comedy routines make fun of sexual assault. Many men’s magazines and cable TV shows graphically illustrate and revel in these unhealthy mentalities and myths of American Manhood. … Come to be challenged by how virtually every corner of the entertainment culture and our society not only says its normal — but cool — for boys and men to control and humiliate women.
The Bro Code challenges young people to step up and fight back against the idea that being a real man means disrespecting women. Come out to discuss with men who are challenging and speaking out against the demeaning or misogynist images and attitudes that support the role of violence towards women in our culture.

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