Bell Tower FAMILY – Jan 17, 2014

Meet Me @ the Bell Tower is a youth led anti-violence movement that began in the heart of Winnipeg’s North End. Since November 2011, community members have gathered at the North End Bell Tower on Selkirk Avenue and Powers Street in partnership with the Indigenous Family Centre and AYO!Aboriginal Youth Opportunities continue to meet weekly into 2014. At these weekly gatherings, the North End Megaphone is offered to community members to share their hopes, ideas and announcements, we march around the neighbourhood singing and drumming and we celebrate the solutions that we see in the word around us.

fam bt


This week, Meet Me @ the Bell Tower gathers for the 3rd time in 2014 for FAMILY. We will discuss what role family plays in keeping our communities safe and celebrate the family we have created at the Bell Tower. You are invited to come out, new attendees get first opportunity to ring the bell (yes we ring the bell), and if you have an idea or an opportunity to share you are encouraged to share – you will find a supportive community environment and a great launching pad with willing volunteers and knowledgeable helpers.

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