Congratulations to Evander & Creeway Sisters – You Are #FriendshipsBest !

friendships best BANNER 2014

On Thursday March 20th, 2014 “Friendship’s Best Dance Crew” took place at the Indian & Metis Friendship Centre of Winnipeg (45 Robinson). The IMFC Youth Advisory Council worked hard over the last number of months in partnerships with the Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth Program, Aboriginal Youth Opportunities, Native Communications Incorporated & JustTV to name a few!

The day Began…

We began with some dancing courtesy of DJ Jordan Omand, followed by some dancing games and spot dances for the children in attendance. It was fun for all. This was also when the people came in, including our guest judges Miss Meliss (NCI) and Erica Daniels (JustTV). We had several entries to dance, but in the end only one person in the single category, and one in the group category came out. This meant that we were able to crown both Evander Twoheart and the Creeway Sisters with the title of 2014 Friendship’s Best Dancers!



The Performances

Ladies first, we had the Creeway Sisters who explained to us their name was due to a combination of Cree and Ojibway dancers  in the group(CREE + ojibWAY). These young ladies were great role models performing to a traditional pow wow song and wowing the audience with their coordinated and hip hop infused traditional demonstration. Next we saw Evander Twoheart, who has been dancing for over 10 years! He began the evening performing a hoop dance for over 7 minutes and finished our evening with an encore performance in Men’s Traditional gear. These young people have earned and demonstrated the true reason why we will be calling them “Friendships Best” For the next year!!

Special Guests



We were fortunate to have special performers in the house including the infamous Ojibway Elvis! He got us all shook up with 30 minutes of glittering excitement – dazzling us with his spot on Elvis impersonation dedicated to the elders. Next we had our finale for the evening Sagkeeng’s Finest – who performed with a 6 year old dancer. They even had 2 younger men in attendance, not in uniform who went on stage bare foot and judged as well. All in all the special guests were fantastic!

Stay Tuned

The winners will be awarded a variety of prizes and will now have special guest spot at the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre’s Aboriginal Day Pow Wow as well as performing onstage at the Vision Quest Conference!! Stay tuned for more announcements on what these amazing young people are up to as well as in depth interviews with each of the groups!

Special shout out to all the kids who danced and especially to these fine young people for their awesome dance moves and their positive example!


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