Women In HERstory

So this week’s theme was “Women in History”… as we tend to do at the Bell Tower, while chatting about our theme, we made a last minute change. One of our younger bell tower regulars said ‘its not HIS story, its HER story!” We thought that was a great idea, so that is why we called this post ‘Women in HERstory’ instead of the other one! After we finished our bell ringing, megaphoning, picture taking and rowdiness outside, we moved into the Family Centre for our Prizes and History Lessons (which was tons of fun, since we were all the teachers). Find below a list of the women honoured and celebrated at our Bell Tower event, celebrating the many contributions of women throughout the ages, and throughout the world.


Bell Tower’s List of Women to Celebrate

  • Irene Bedard (Indigenous Actress & trailblazer)
  • Gladys Malcolm  (Survivor, Inspiration)
  • Bell Tower Ladies (currently making history!!)
  • Sacajawea (of the Lewis and Clark Expedition)[we also thought it was cool she was a mother and took her baby with her on the adventure]
  • Simone Weil (French Holocaust Survivor & Women’s right’s defender)
  • All of our Grandmothers & Ancestors (They stood strong for us, so we could all be standing here today)
  • Judy Wascalycia-Leis (former Member of Parliament for Winnipeg North for 13 years)
  • The 3 Neices: Francoise, Margeurite & Marie Langlois (travelled with Samuel De Champlain after being gifted to him!)[We had some of the descendants of these ladies in attendance!]
  • Mary Crow Dog (Super Granny)
  • Louise Michele (French Women’s Political activist)

You are invited to join us next week as we explore traditional teachings of the FIRE, in an effort to encourage safety in the community, also an opportunity for young men and community members to learn about their responsibility as men (protectors of the fire).

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE Re-Igniting The Fire FB Event Page!

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