AYO Language Hour April Schedule

Dear World,

Thanks for being so awesome and continuing to support AYO! Language Hour. Special shout out to Agnes Catcheway (Anishinabe), and Sue Caribou (Cree) for their leadership and willingness to share the language. We welcome all individuals to come out to learn the language with us, with a special invitation to the neighbourhood’s young people. We would also like to thank Arlea and everyone at Neechi Niche and Neechi Commons for their continued support in sharing space for our learning! Please remember to bring a small offering of tobacco for our instructor (we would also like to pass around a hat , and each throw in a couple dollars for our instructor too).

Kinanaskomitin (Thank you in Cree)

Meegwetch (Thank You in Anishinabe)



Find below, the schedule for Anishinabe and Cree classes in the month of April 2014

April 1 – Anishinabe

April 8 – Cree

April 15 – Anishinabe

April 22 – Cree

April 29 – Anishinabe


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