Voices Garbage Bag Fashion Show 2014 – May 20, 2014


AYO invites you to this awesome event by Voices MB’s Youth in Care Network. These awesome young people are putting together this event to raise awareness about young people in CFS and how frequently they have to move with nothing to carry their belongings with other than a garbage bag. Turning this moment of darkness into a chance to celebrate resilience, Voices has hosts this garbage bag themed situation into a super hero event so youth can discover their super powers too! Check out the official details below:

FACEBOOK EVENT LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/268711393301406/

Location: 109 Higgins Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Graffiti Art Programming)

Date: May 20th, 2014

Time: 7-8:30pm


Youth in Care are future Super Heroes, complete with back stories that make you wonder ‘how in the world did they become the fabulous people they are today?’ Join us for a fun-tastic evening of creativity and honesty. Celebrate two awards recently bestowed upon the Network. Enjoy great food and people. Mostly- recognize the dignity of all youth in and from care.

See you there,


One thought on “Voices Garbage Bag Fashion Show 2014 – May 20, 2014

  1. Dawne says:

    Hello Wish I knew about this sooner. Received my invite today, & it was too late, Good luck allll!!!
    In recognition of the dignity & resiliency of youth in & from care/
    Love you
    Dawne MacKay-Chiddenton

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