Stranger Danger Bell Tower Notes [Part 1 of 4]

This image was created by one of our 10 year old Bell ringers as a gift for us every week – something we could hold out to traffic and passers by so that they would know why we gather each Friday on Selkirk Avenue to ring a bell – to stop violence.



We recently experienced some “stranger danger” at the bell tower (read about it here) and wanted to get together for kids and families in the neighbourhood to talk about safety. We shared 3 different types of Strategic Streams, based on who was in attendance at the gathering – parents, community members and children directly. We had the adults have a discussion and share resources in word, and we engaged the kids through art and conversation as well.

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The images of the rough notes are included we will be releasing these recommendations in 4 PARTS:

  1. ROUGH NOTES (this post)
  2. Stranger Danger for KIDS
  3. Stranger Danger for PARENTS 
  4. Stranger Danger for COMMUNITY

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts, and thanks to everyone who continues to support the local initiatives in our community that bring us together, get us talking to our neighbours and connecting us to our humanity, spirits and the earth.  We are trying to rally as many supporters and resources as we can for this upcoming Bell Tower Friday July 25, 2014 SILENCE IS VIOLENCE. Please join us with your drums, medicines and voices, we’re gonna need the entire village for this one folks.


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