“The Guardians of Confederation” is a gathering of 2 students from each province/territory, plus 26 Island students, between the ages of 14 – 17 in Charlottetown, this November 20 – 23, to “Re-Imagine Canada.” Together the students will be asking and answering the question, “knowing what we know now, would we do it all over again and become a country called Canada?”

This will piggyback on the conference put on by the Association for Canadian Studies, details for which can be found here: http://www.acs-aec.ca/pdf/events/AEC_ReMakingConf_EN_V11_LR.pdf. There will be some overlap in the program of the two events, i.e., the Symons Medal Lecture with Stephen Lewis. (http://www.confederationcentre.com/en/symons-lecture-series.php) Mentors from UPEI will also be working with the students to guide them in their journey through this experience.

While there is interest from a number of potential students at the moment, only a few are confirmed just yet, so raise your hand if you’re interested, and we can talk details! I can’t promise there will still be a seat in your province or territory left, so if this pulls on the strings of your history loving heart, give us a shout sooner rather than later.

email: guardians@upei.ca


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