Winnipeg Action Strategic Plan – June 2015

Hello, Winnipeg, Manitoba!

In the month of June specifically on June 21, Sunday will be National Aboriginal (Solidarity) Day where will be celebrating all things First Nation in our country but it seems to be very laid back considering it is only emphasized on one single day. So with that being said what are your thoughts on nominating, organizing and recognizing a Official City Wide Action Plan in Winnipeg for “the entire month of June as National Indigenous Heritage Month from Canadians to Stand in Solidarity with the Indigenous Community throughout Canada that enough is enough!!!

That we continue the initiative into establishing a real action strategy plan into the upcoming Federal Election agenda and ballot question which will be the one and the most important elections that will decide the fate of the next 7 Generations.

Since If you aren’t aware the month of May is recognized as Asian Heritage Month which implies that we celebrate Asian Heritage and the long history of Asian Canadians in Canada. One of the things that both Asian and Indigenous People have in common is the idea of Spirit in the medicine wheel which for us would be shown in Physical Form as the concept of Family Values.

The Original Vision for this idea was to address several issues that had recently popped up during the first month of January of the New Year of 2015 in Winnipeg relating to Nancy MacDonalds Maclean’s January edition that Winnipeg was labeled the “Most Racist City” in Canada which our very first Metis Mayor of Winnipeg Mr. Bowman had address the public and the Country head on that Winnipeg would be the city that would take the lead in taking the initiative to prove that enough is enough with establishing a website called to finding solutions out in the Community to stop the violence.

Secondly, the week after fear that our city’s water system had been contaminated with E-Coli and that the city was under a 48 hours Boil Water Advisory Locked Down which made citizens think twice about how important and significant it is to sustain and take care of our precious water sources in the province since Shoal Lake, Manitoba has been in an Boil Water Advisory for almost 2 Decades this is no simple coincidence we can speculate and not take a risk that these things are related issues.

Yesterday at the University of Winnipeg Convocation Hall was a Public Panel Discussion Forum on the solution topic of whether a national inquiry on Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women is a good tool to address this systematic epidemic of Colonialism. (Plan B reinforce Members of Parliament to support for Remeo Saganash Privates Bill C-641 the Rights of Indigenous People Act into policy)

Now, today an Organization named Stop Violence against Aboriginal Women and Meet Me at the Bell Tower Activist lead spoke with the Mayor’s Office to discuss a City Wide Action Plan to be put into place which honestly and truthfully was a disingenuous time not well spent on finding a real grass roots solution to this serious topic. This meeting has been a great reminder that more serious action needs to be address by some other means that the top down approach is not working. Change does not necessarily mean it comes from the top Real Concrete Tangible Change will only happen through a grass roots approach from the community which needs to be at the forefront is Young People.

Events: Saturday at 1:30 at University of Winnipeg will be the 8th Annual Memorial March For All Missing and Murdered come attend and support in solidarity for change…

Plans for June:

Canada Day July 1
Aboriginal Day of Action on June 29
Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27
Promote National Aboriginal Day events for June 21 in Manitoba
Establish, nominate, and recognized the month of June In City as National Indigenous Heritage Month (First City in Canada to endorse the idea) Action Plan
Aboriginal Youth Opportunities PolitixBS at Neechi Commons with Mayor and All Councillors on June 20
Every Mondays… Meet Me at City Hall
Every Tuesdays… All Good in the Hood Round Dance
Every Wednesdays… Water Wednesday at Memorial Park
Every Second Tuesdays… FearlessR2W at 470 selkirk
Every Thursday… Intercivics Cafe at 510 main street Grace Cafe
Every Friday… Meet Me at the Bell Tower Medicine Wheel Month
Every Saturday… PolitixBS Neechi Commons Noon
June 19 Youth Unity Vote Mob March in Winnipeg before Bell Tower

This is the City Wide Action Strategic Plan what do you think please offer any suggestion of any ideas you may have to support the efforts of the community in the heart of the country of Canada!


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