Understanding Urban Reserves (with support from Aboriginal Business Services Network)

absn logo

AYO would like to send a big ekosi, meegwetch and thank you to the Aboriginal Business Network of Manitoba for sponsoring some of our AYO Leaders to attend “Understanding Urban Reserves” Special Luncheon. The event is happening later today at the RBC Convention Centre!

urban rez

UPDATE: We had a great time attending the event. We are excited to learn more about urban reserves, and even got to ask a question around the topic. We asked: “Is there likelihood for urban indigenous youth leaders who feel disconnected from their home communities to work with Treaty 1 Chiefs around the creation of an Urban Reserve in the North End of Winnipeg?” The answers seemed primarily positive. We would like to emphasize that urban indigenous youth who call Winnipeg’s North End their home have been engaging in acts of sovereignty as best as we can without having a strong relationship with our reserves. Thanks for the opportunity, we have some upcoming announcements with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce we can’t wait to share (soon!)


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