Red Rising Magazine Issue #2 Submission Deadline: November 27th/15

Deadline for Issue #2 submissions is November 27, 2015. If you want to contribute, message or email:
We are looking for new pieces of writing that haven’t been published anywhere.

Please share with your networks! (Graphic by Justin Larivee)


Red Rising Magazine is a volunteer collective of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who would like to be able to showcase various forms of art, writing and photography. The goal of the magazine is to be able to share our stories and to give indigenous people a platform to have their voices heard, unfiltered. The direction of the magazine is to inspire, and empower the next generation of Indigenous writers, thinkers, and artists. We would like for people to be free to say whatever they have on their mind without being watered down.
We would like to keep the articles 500-700 words long. But if you have a feature that you feel like is worth submitting, 1000 words max.

Things we will be looking for (feel free to submit anything that you feel like, as long as it is Indigenous themed and hate-free)

– Indigenous/non-Indigenous relations
– Traditional family parenting
– Indigenous conflict resolution
– Identity, life experiences
– Addictions/obstacles
– Language/cultural revitalization
– Post-election
– Nationhood
– Land and land-based education
– Opting in and selling out
– Ceremonies
– Pipelines, environmental issues
– National Treaty Gathering
– Talent profiles (sports, authors, musicians, comedians, artists, producers, etc.)
– Current events, politics
– Art, photography
– Essays, poems
– Treaties, reconciliation
– Revolution, activism
– Business
– Education
– Systems (prison, education, CFS, anything else you can think of)
– Health and well-being
– Anything else that you can think of


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