Idle No More 3 Year Celebration – December 10th 2015


What are you doing Thursday December 10th at 6pm? Let’s celebrate the hard work and the helpers of Idle No More in Winnipeg and share a simple message: The Village Is Thriving.

Let’s acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our community members and groups who constantly prove with their example that we all have a role in keeping our communities healthy. The Village in Winnipeg is a dedicated and tangible demonstration of what it means when many members of the community are all Idle No More.

We are currently gathering ideas! What kinds of activities would you like to see? Would you come to an event THURSDAY DECEMBER 10TH @ 6pm (location to be determined)?

We just celebrated 4 years of Meet Me at the Bell Tower and understand the importance of bringing community helpers together to celebrate & say meegwetch for all the gifts shared. All ideas welcome, contact AYO at Meet Me at the Bell Tower, on this blog, our website or social media ( / @AYOmovement).


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