Clan Teachings at Thunderbird House (December 21st)


On Monday* December 21st, from 6-9pm come and join us as we celebrate the Winter Solstice and learn some Clan Teachings at the Circle of Life Thunderbird House! The winter is the time when our people would tell stories and share knowledge. We will be joined by elders who will share some clan teachings. We will then have a feast and round dance. 

We believe that everybody in the community has gifts, roles and responsibilities that are connected to our clans. As a part of understanding our roles and responsibilities in the community we need to understand our clan system and our place in it. We will be having Clan Gatherings with feasts at the Thunderbird house during Winter/Summer Solstices and Spring/Fall Equinoxes to ask our elders and knowledge keepers to share their teachings with us. We also plan on organizing Clan Teachings and events for each clan in between the Clan Gatherings. 

Our teachers for the evening will be:
– Elder Myra Laramee – Bear Clan
– Elder Dan Thomas – Wolf Clan 
– Tasha Spillet – Wolf Clan

In the spirit of giving, we ask that people bring a gift, small or big, that we can give to each other at the round dance! Attendance is free and everyone is welcome to attend!


* an earlier version of this article incorrectly listed Dec 21st as Tuesday, we meant Monday


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