Opportunities with AYO – Saturday August 27th 2016

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This Saturday is going to be a busy day for the AYO crew! there are 3 events in the village that are happening focusing on community building, reviving traditional ceremony and addressing systemic racism in our food situations locally and abroad. We are sharing this information because some of the events have overlapping time (so you may have to be in more than one place at a time). Find below 3 opportunities in Winnipeg, this Saturday


We Are One & Community BBQ in Elmwood (10am-3:30pm)

Join us along with the Elmwood Community Resource Centre, Manitoba Islamic Association, Chalmers NEighbourhood Renewal Corportatipon and Together- In-Elmwood Parent Child Coalition as we celebrate the diversity in Elmwood and surrounding communities. We are inviting individuals and families to join the conversations on important topics of unity and inclusion. Topics discussed will include strengthening relationships, cross cultural understanding and community building. Activities for kids, child minding is provided and a chance to register for a sweat lodge will be available. No need to register, just show up from 10am to 3:30pm at 180 Poplar Ave. Call 204-982-1720 (ext 203) for more information!


Youth Pipe Ceremony (3pm to 4:30pm)

Join us as we pray in the Turtle Island field with our community  for hope and for our young people. Led by pipe carrier Ninoondawah Richard, all pipe carriers and community members are invited to sit with us as we bring ceremony to the street – or in this case the field. We will be IN THE FIELD between Turtle Island Neighbourhood Centre (510 King St) and David Livingstone Elementary School on Flora. We are encouraging community members who are able to bring food so we can feast after the ceremony.


THE FOOD FIRE: 13 Fires Winnipeg feat Nor’West Community Co-op (2 – 6:30pm)

13 Fires Winnipeg brings community together to talk about the impacts of racism on different areas of our lives and, more importantly, how we can work towards greater racial inclusion and social inclusion. This is the 9th of our thirteen gatherings in 2016 and will focus on food and food security. Do you have any ideas on how we can address food deserts in Winnipeg? How can we respect indigenous food sovereignty? Come on down to 61 Tyndall Avenue unit 103 from 2pm to 6:30pm.

Stopping Violence in Person


Bell Tower Art by John Luis Valentim (2012)

You are walking down the street. You hear a commotion around the corner and when you get there, you see 2 full grown adults engaged in a  fight.One person on the ground, the other on top feeding them punches. There are about 15 other adults watching and encouraging the fight to continue.

What would you do?

A) Do nothing, not your fight

B) Tell them to stop fighting, at least you said something, or

C) Walk up to them cautiously, separate the 2 fighting, create a barrier of 4 helpers in between the offending parties, and begin to de-escalate the conflict with conversation on both sides

Guess which one we did today?

That’s right option C. Was it the safest option? No. Was it the smartest option? No. Was it the only thing we as citizens could do in that moment to stop the violence while adults encouraged it in an area where children frequent? Yes. We share this with all of you to ask this question:

What would you do?