AYO Politix #PDbyELXN17 Brain Storm Schedule

Kevin Chief, MLA for Point Douglas, has resigned. This means that in the next few months a by-election will be called and we at AYO Politix are going to be busy. As far as we can tell, the provincial riding of Point Douglas will be the only riding in the province to participate in the coming by election. The boundaries are  roughly Church Ave / The Red River / CP Tracks / Sinclair + South Point Douglas and has a population of approx 20,000 according to Elections Manitoba website.


Provincial Riding of Point Douglas (Elections Manitoba Website)

Recently, the AYO Politix crew was able to gather and determine what topics we were hoping to focus on in the coming by election. These topics will inform the speed round questions we form and will help urban Indigenous young people who are interested in this process, to ask informed and focused questions of provincial jurisdiction. We will also be hosting each of the candidates at their own brain storm as well as an all candidates forum, open to the public on local economic development. All of our events will be hosted inside of locally owned businesses or at indigenous led community organizations. Our Schedule of topics is below, with the guests and locations are to be determined.

AYO Politix #PDbyELXN17 Brain Storm Schedule

byelxn sked (2).jpg

Jan 28 / Economic Development & Job Creation
Feb 4 / Child Welfare
Feb 11 / 24/7 Services
Feb 18 / Health & Wellness
Feb 25 / Housing & Safety
Mar 4 / Justice
Mar 11 / Education
Mar 18 / “Reconciliation”
Mar 25 / Urban Sustainability

All urban Indigenous young people are invited to attend our events in an environment where questions can be asked and solutions proposed. Our brain storms are open to community, but we ask attendees to be aware of creating space for urban Indigenous young people. We look forward to the coming election and working with all candidates to ensure the citizens of Point Douglas are afforded every opportunity to be informed about the candidates, their parties, their platforms and their commitments to our neighbourhood, win or lose.

You can find the details and locations of all our Brain Storms on our publicly view-able Facebook Events Page.