Crab Bucket by Matthew Shorting

Crab in  the bucket, we may have heard this term and I wonder…why is it so difficult to support those that are successful instead of trying to tear them down?

A lot of people in Winnipeg have difficulty with supporting Indigenous people.  People who have overcome many barriers that have been placed before us throughout history. Don’t believe me check out: Wab Kinew, Robert Falcon Ouellette, Don Burnstick, Adam Beach, Inez, Ashely Callingbull-Burnham, Tanya Tagak.

If we choose to see flaws only, that’s something that needs to be worked on. Paint the whole picture– look for their gifts. Quit trying to use flaws as if there always going remain that way and stop trying to generalize that behavior to their whole being.  At the end of the day, do we even have any knowledge of who they truly are? Hear-say is not truth.

We all have flaws,  so who are we to judge? What you can do is have compassion for their pain that drove them to unhealthy behaviors and talk to them instead of about them. Connection and relationships change people by not being alone, isolated and ridiculed. Shaming doesn’t work. Courage outlasts fear. Love will always conquer hate. 


Of course we learnt unhealthy unconscious negative behavior. The survival  mechanisms from intergenerational pain is insidious, cunning and powerful. However, that can change gradually by connection and by paying attention to it. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have, with the resources available to them. Know the difference between unintentional and intentional behavior. Quit trying to bring yourself into the light by calling people down – let them have their shine and time. No one’s perfect. No one’s perfect. No one’s Perfect. 

YES we need boundaries and discernment when the person is unwilling or unable to change harmful behaviors. YES we need support each other when everything is trying to divide, separate and conquer us. And NO, this is not an excuse to not grow or be your best every single day. 

HUMILITY Is realizing that no one is above or below another and that all of life matters.

Be like the grass outside. It gets stomped on, burnt and walked allover. Yet when it’s a hot day and we go to the ground, that grass is cool and gentle. That grass is always kind no matter what. No, It doesn’t mean  be a doormat or give of yourself until your hurting yourself and those around you either.

Creators love is Like the sun, it shines on all of us no matter what.

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