6 Years Later: Meet Me at the Bell Tower

This Friday November 17th at 6:00pm, you’re invited to a celebration of community building and peace at the North End Bell Tower (470 Selkirk Ave) as we celebrate our 6th birthday!

Join the #BellTowerFamily as we welcome special guests, live entertainment, bell tower awards, cake and of course prizes to “6 Years Later”, our birthday celebration. Whether you’ve been coming for years or have been meaning to come out for your first time, this is the perfect moment to come out. We will hear from youth leader Kakeka Thundersky about why building community is important to her; Winnipeg’s own Joe Curtis will share his Meet Me at the Bell Tower original song; and of course Cake from Gunn’s Bakery, and our yearly recognition of community the Bell Tower Awards. If you want to help, bring yourself, a friend, a prize to donate, a song to share or words to gift to the community!

All the festivities begin at 6:00pm, volunteers are asked to show up at 5:30pm. If you would like to donate, volunteer or schedule a media interview please email Quinton at Q@ayomovement.com.


Stranger Danger for PARENTS [Part 3 of 4]

Last week, we met at MM@BT and discussed ways we as kids, parents and community members could keep children in the community safe. Check out the below list of ideas we have for PARENTS so they can keep their children protected from stranger danger:



  • Education from day one (age appropriate) for your kids:
  • Create a ‘safety password’
  • teach children about “safe touch” – what is and is not an OK touch
  • know where your children are always
  • teach our kids to communicate, describe and observe surroundings/people
  • Ensure your children know their own address and phone # and parents’ names
  • teach our kids to trust themselves
  • trust your instincts as a parent when deciding who is and isn’t safe for your child.


Thanks to the Bannock Lady for sharing these helpful links with us – as parents we recommend you sit down and check these links out with your relatives and your own children so you can begin the discussion on how to best keep your child safe.

Younger Kids

Older Kids/Tweens


  2. Stranger Danger for KIDS
  3. Stranger Danger for PARENTS (this Post)
  4. Stranger Danger for COMMUNITY