Stranger Danger for KIDS [Part 2 of 4]

We originally asked the kids under 10 at the Bell Tower to work together and draw pictures of how they could be safe from ‘STRANGER DANGER’ and this was the result:

stranger kids

Naturally, we wanted to create real solutions and recommendations for our KIDS so find below the SAFETY TIPS from Bell Tower

kids stranger danger

  •  Don’t take candy/$$$/toys from strangers: If someone comes up to you offering money, or anything, do not accept it unless you have permission from your parents.
  • Call 911: find a pay phone, or use a cell phone, or ask someone to cal 911. OBSERVE the description of the people involved and learn how to recognize different vehicles and
  • Learn Karate/Self Defense: learn how to defend yourself physically. Do not engage in unnecessary fights/yelling with people, especially strangers
  • Run Away: just do it.
  • Yelling (Fire! Fire! Fire!): we practiced YELLING really loudly and also said that if we yelled FIRE FIRE FIRE we are more likely to get attention from people, and that way we can show that we need help.
  • Tell your parents/relatives: tell your family as soon as you can when something happens, so they can tell other parents and neighbours and the authorities. You should always be honest, and again OBSERVE as best you can, write it down if possible
  • Run to A store: businesses have cameras and phones. Again, communicate as clearly as possible.
  • Play where your parents can see you: please.
  • Make  Safety Plan w/your family: talk with your siblings, parents and whoever you live with to make sure you know your address, phone number and names of guardians. Also talk about what to do if strangers approach you, and what would happen if your guardians needed someone else to contact you  (see tips for parents – link coming soon)
  • Check out FouseyTube on YouTube (see below)

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