Fire Safety Tips and an Opportunity for Youth

AYO & Meet Me at the Bell Tower have seen far too many of our relatives fall victim to preventable fires and that’s why we hosted the FIRE SAFETY BELL TOWER on Friday February 23rd, 2018. We were pleased to announce our partnership with the Fire ED Community, in an attempt to provide young leaders in our community with mentorship and fire safety skills that we can then offer to schools and youth groups in our communities. We are ready and able to use public education alongside our many partners who want to help give youth a fighting chance to live to our full life’s potential and be positive contributors to society. AYO leaders will be learning new life safety skills to be fire safe and helping all young people in our neighborhood and province to achieve the same positive results.

fire ed opportunity fire sadgfy.png

At the Bell Tower, we asked our relatives what do we need to do to to prevent fires? Here is what was said:


  • Make sure there are working and up to date smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in your home
  • Keep flammable items away from heat such as lighters, stacks of paper, electronics cords,
  • Use safety locks when small children are around for dangerous items such as lighters, flammable liquids, etc
  • Children should not be handling or using fire
  • Share traditional teachings of fire, and fire keepers so that Indigenous children can have respect and understanding for fire, and learn not not abuse it


  • Is there technology available that can detect smoke levels before to much exposure?
  • are there fire proof materials that can be used to build houses? Is this affordable or not affordable?
  • Do all the kids in our neighbourhood know what do in case of a fire? (aka home safety plan, “stop, drop and roll”, etc)

A big THANK YOU to Chris Clacio (Community Safety Facilitator) and the AYO team for facilitating this conversation, and thank you to Charlaine for writing down the notes!

If you or someone you know would like to get involved with this project, we are looking for local partners, and also wanting to connect with schools in Winnipeg’s inner city!


More about our friends at Fire ED:
The Fire-ED Interactive Community is committed to promoting equality of opportunity, valuing diversity and tackling social exclusion. We want to make sure that equality and diversity is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that strong communities are places where people feel safe, where the environment is welcoming, where people feel they are able to take action for the benefit of themselves and their community, where they feel that their concerns are heard and responded to. It’s not about political correctness or box-ticking, but about making sure we provide the kind of services that are needed, in a way that does not exclude anyone. Join the Fire-ED Interactive Movement For Eliminating Preventable Fires on social media @FireEDCommunity

Stranger Danger for KIDS [Part 2 of 4]

We originally asked the kids under 10 at the Bell Tower to work together and draw pictures of how they could be safe from ‘STRANGER DANGER’ and this was the result:

stranger kids

Naturally, we wanted to create real solutions and recommendations for our KIDS so find below the SAFETY TIPS from Bell Tower

kids stranger danger

  •  Don’t take candy/$$$/toys from strangers: If someone comes up to you offering money, or anything, do not accept it unless you have permission from your parents.
  • Call 911: find a pay phone, or use a cell phone, or ask someone to cal 911. OBSERVE the description of the people involved and learn how to recognize different vehicles and
  • Learn Karate/Self Defense: learn how to defend yourself physically. Do not engage in unnecessary fights/yelling with people, especially strangers
  • Run Away: just do it.
  • Yelling (Fire! Fire! Fire!): we practiced YELLING really loudly and also said that if we yelled FIRE FIRE FIRE we are more likely to get attention from people, and that way we can show that we need help.
  • Tell your parents/relatives: tell your family as soon as you can when something happens, so they can tell other parents and neighbours and the authorities. You should always be honest, and again OBSERVE as best you can, write it down if possible
  • Run to A store: businesses have cameras and phones. Again, communicate as clearly as possible.
  • Play where your parents can see you: please.
  • Make  Safety Plan w/your family: talk with your siblings, parents and whoever you live with to make sure you know your address, phone number and names of guardians. Also talk about what to do if strangers approach you, and what would happen if your guardians needed someone else to contact you  (see tips for parents – link coming soon)
  • Check out FouseyTube on YouTube (see below)

(recommended by Victoria)



  2. Stranger Danger for KIDS (this Post)
  3. Stranger Danger for PARENTS 
  4. Stranger Danger for COMMUNITY

ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD WINNIPEG – Thursday June 12th, 2014


Calling all hand drums, drummers, singers, lead blasters, song makers, dancers, all youth and children, we welcome dignitaries, spectators who just wanna watch and listen. All are welcome! Come join us in full circle with song and dance! Come help us as we bring safety back to the community and we sing for the people in this initiative. We will show you that it is “All Good In The Hood”





Meet Me @ the Bell Tower Stop the Violence Movement Marches On!


The time is coming when Meet Me @ the Bell Tower Stop the Violence Movement will be turning two years old! If you feel like October is the best month to get involved the next 2 Bell Tower themes have been decided. The community building that takes place is a safe place where we can openly share and strategize about how we can stop violence. Take a look and get involved, together we can BE THE CHANGE and STOP THE VIOLENCE 🙂



October 18th, 2013 @ 6pm

bell tower med walk

Let’s take to the streets with our medicines and smudge our neighbourhood.

And Bring some food…we’ll eat it!



October 25th, 2013 @ 6pm

bell tower zombie walk

Come dressed up as a zombie and march around the neighbourhood with us. We will even be eating some snacks & be giving out toothbrushes!! More details to be decided on the 18th!!


If you are wondering what happens at the Bell Tower, check out Bell Tower 101 by CLICKING HERE

Solutions to Give Hope 24/7 Project Gains Momentum!

solutions to give HOPE



What began on May 31st at Meet Me @ the Bell Tower documenting ways to prevent youth suicide has grown into a vehicle for our community to have their voices heard. Since June 7th, When Romondo Nilles and his circle of supporters launched this project “Solutions to Give Hope” approximately 700 community members have launched their support. This is an initiative intended to keep youth safe 24/7 and create a space in the North End where youth can have access to services in the middle of the night, instead of going to the Manitoba Youth Centre or being put into CFS (Child & Family Services). So far Ross Eadie and Kevin Lamoureux are supportive and we will meet with Kevin Chief this week. We have supporters from Toronto, Wisonson-USA


Check out what some of our community members have been saying about this initiative

  • Our kids need support 24-7. Part of the support includes a safe place that is always available when necessary. It’s a good investment for our kids now and into the future.
  • This is needed very bad

You can sign the PETITION online here!

You can read the Winnipeg Free Press Article About this initiative here – Wed June 18th

The plan moving forward, once we reach our goal of 1,000 signatures, is to sit down with each level of government (Ross Eadie, Kevin Chief & Kevin Lamoureux) and present our case and see if they can help. We will also connect with the Gang Action Inter-Agency Network 24 Hour Working Group to see how we can get involved with other organizations who have been advocating for this same resource for a long time as well.

If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them. Email Romondo at

romando [dot] nilles [at] hotmail [dot] com