The MC-Liiciious Experience

Shout out to the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s Musical Mentorship Program for setting AYO up with Musician Leonard Sumner aka LORENZO. After 8 weeks of mentorship, here was our performance, for the first time ever, live at RB Russell on Dec 18 2012!

Activists, Be Smart!

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The below message was found on facebook, but the message is helpful

Okay, lots of people are rightly upset about the FIRST NATION TERMINATION ACTS being pushed through by HARPER and the Conservatives, but please be smart about the response:

We’ve had Gatherings for decades, involved in Voting for decades, Letter-Writing Campaigns, Petitions, and Protests (that never have left the ‘approved’ designated spaces)….FOR YEARS – and we are STILL where we are today – a Termination Plan ( by a MAJORITY GOVERNMENT, elected leaders getting locked out of the House of Commons, and likely a matter of months until these Acts are put through.

If any of these means above are ENDS in themselves (and go no further); they are Dead-Ends with few results.

They do not hear because we are not speaking their language.

If you want RESULTS; understand the illegal nature of what they are doing, organize, and disrupt the flow of finance and capital (multi-millions a day) which is the language, lifeblood, and religion of the Conservatives doing this. Road, Rail, Water, and Border Commerce (which COUNTLESS routes of each run right through our reserve lands and our juristictions). Blockades in each are what can (and will) disrupt that life-blood, warrant their attention, and bring them to the table.

History proves both of these roads: one where the wheels merely spin – and the other which actually helps create traction and distance.

Those that reap the blessings of freedom must bear the fatigue of supporting it.

Our Time Is Now: A Call To Action

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We the young leaders wish to stand with our Women, Elders and Leaders from across the country. The resilience of our people’s continues in the face of Canadian Ignorance, Misunderstanding and Indifference. We will never forget our responsibility to the grandmothers and grandfathers that are yet to be born.

Erosion of our economies, malicious corporate enterprise and the willful neglect of our natural resources has created an unsustainable future. As a father, brother, nephew, grandson and son the responsibility has never been more clear. Together we must #IdleNoMore!!!

Our sacred agreements that we made in the presence of Gitchi-Manito are being disregarded. Every file in our communities is under attack: Health, Education, Social Welfare, Housing to name a few…

Many politicians will point the finger but we must focus on lasting solutions. We have become stagnant as the divide and conquer strategies become utilized by our own people. The shackles of colonial injustice has taken hold of us, many have forgotten who they are but together we shall prevail is finding lasting, practical solutions…

In good faith, through prayer and in honor of our mother, let our peoples come together once more to take action, in its many shapes and forms!!!!

Join us relatives as we embark on a struggle to continue momentum, raise awareness and coordinate our efforts… OUR TIME IS NOW!!!


In the pursuit of balance,

Jerry K. Daniels


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you can check the Winnipeg facebook event here