100 Basketballs

100 Basketballs is coming to Winnipeg’s North End this summer. With support from many community members we are looking to gather 100 basketballs, basketball shorts and basketball shoes for inner city youth recreation. We will also be hosting a Family event in a couple months to give them all away.

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You’re invited to our next planning meeting, this Wednesday at Ralph Brown Community Centre (460 Andrews) @ 6pm. Questions or offers to help can be directed to Lenard Monkman at lenardmonkman [at] live [dot] ca or by phone at (204) 891-8515

Facebook event for Planning Meeting for April 1st is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1800299310195809/

Thunderbird Tea, Bell Tower, Melanie Wight Brain Storm & Fearless R2W

In the next few days, AYO would like to extend an invitation to Indigenous youth leaders & community members to come out and participate in one of the following 4 events upcoming!


Thunderbird House Community Engagement Tea

“Thunderbird House needs your help! We need your brain, your ideas, and your input as to the image and operation of Thunderbird House. The Thunderbird House has been around for 15 years now. It is a place which has faced many challenges and has endured turmoil. Thunderbird House has evolved to house many people and many activities. It is a constant support for people wanting to conduct Ceremony or to hold seminar events. However, there is a misconception of the House and what it stands for or what its use should be.” FRIDAY MARCH 27 @ 10AM @ 715 MAIN

Meet Me at the Bell Tower

Meet Me @ the Bell Tower

“Join us as we explore various ways we can stop violence and build up our community!

1 – how can we as a community can support the Circle of Life Thunderbird House?

2 – Enjoy a new poem from renowned poet Katherena Vermette

3 – Listen to a presentation from Kevin Settee & his classmates on overcoming challenges and how we can work towards RECONCILIATION

All who come out are invited to bring a prize for the prize draw, or food to share with the group!”


melanie wight

Politix Brain Storm feat. Melanie Wight Minister of Children & Youth Opportunities/MLA (Burrows)

Every Saturday indigenous youth leaders, community members and political representatives come together at lunch time at the Neechi Commons restaurant to share ideas and discuss political solutions Join the Brain Storm as we sit with Minister of Children and Youth Opportunities and MLA for Burrows Melanie Wight. SATURDAY MARCH 28TH @ 12 NOON @ 865 MAIN


Fearless R2W – Office of the Children’s Advocate Presentation

“What is the Office of the Children’s Advocate? Is there a Parent’s Advocate? How can OCA support my family?
Our guests today will be from Manitoba’s arms length child protection agency the “Office of the Children’s Advocate”. Please bring your questions and check out their website here:
Today we will also prepare for the Fearless R2W delegation that will be meeting with the minister in early April. Join us as we finalize the 20 provincial recommendations about what we hope for with provincial supports for parents, and view our first samples of our PRINT RESOURCES we hope to distribute to parents.
FEARLESS CARDS – We will take a look at our first month of doing community outreach with parents with our “Fearless Cards” process
Any questions, please do not hesitate to message the page and we will get back to you! There will be food – thanks to Mary for food last time, and again this time!”