ARROWS Youth Engagement Training @ the 595!

Good Evening!
Aboriginal Youth Opportunities! (AYO!) is happy to partner with the 595 Prevention Team on an upcoming ARROWS Youth Engagement Workshop . This is a great opportunity for those of you that work with youth, particularly Aboriginal youth to learn about how AYO uses relationship based youth engagement to drive the volunteer machine of youth leadership in Winnipeg’s North End. Please note that we only have 20 spots available in each session.
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ARROWS: This session is designed to educate and equip you with the ability to better engage with urban Aboriginal youth.  This training is developed by urban Aboriginal youth for anyone who needs to work with us. It will explain some of the challenges we face and provide a variety of activities that give insight into the reasons why youth behave the way
they do.  We will share some information about integrity and relationships and how they are integral to engagement.  We will also learn about real issues, like secondary effects of colonization, poverty and FASD.  This information will help you better understand the meaning of ARROWS. The point of this strategy is to get young people to find and share their gifts with their community.
For more information you can visit
What: ARROWS Youth Engagement Training by AYO!
Session 1-November 18th 10:00am to 3:00pm      OR      Session 2-November 25 10:00am- 3:00pm
Where: 705 Broadway Broadway (Nine Circles building, Multi-purpose room)
Fee: $50.00
Coffee & Snacks will be provided. Bring your own lunch, or there are a few restaurants near by.
Please forward this opportunity to your contacts.
How to register:
It is easy and painless, simply email the following information to Veda at !
1)   Name
2)   Organization
3)  Contact Information (including a phone number):
4)  Which session would you like to register for? November 18th or November 25th
Once she receives an email from you, she will send you an invoice for the registration fee.
Thank you very much for your time, (& shout out to the 595!)

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Keeping our Girls SAFE! (Int’l Day of the Girl List)

PHOTO CREDIT: Greg Littlejohn

PHOTO CREDIT: Greg Littlejohn

On Friday October 11th Meet Me @ the Bell Tower celebrated the International Day of the Girl with GIRL POWER. This event saw us brain storm ways we can keep young women and girls in our communities safe as well as take on a very important role in preparing tobacco ties for an event that happened the following day (Jingle Dress Healing Dance). It was a great evening we rang the bell, and took our pictures of approximately 30 throughout the night who ate cake, bannock (courtesy of Got Bannock?) and helped compile the following list. (via MM@BT Community Flip Chart method)


  • Respect & Protect Your Sister – first and foremost, look out for your sisters and close female relatives – if everyone took care of their sisters our community would be a lot safer
  • Buddy System – when you travel places, make sure someone is with you
  • SAFE WALK system – we need a system in the neighbourhood where people can be escorted safely home or to their cars (a role perhaps for the North End AMbassadors?)
  • Bust Stop Safety: Wait at bus stops with people if you think they are in danger and ask people for help if they look like they need help (even if it feels awkward)
  • Get Involved: participate in safety events (COPP, MM@BT, etc)
  • Build relationships with local police at every opportunity. Also, make sure you become familiar with how police systems work and how you can interact with them (legally)
  • Check Ins: use phones and internet to check in with loved ones: say when you are laving/arriving at your destinations as well as your route
  • Kids Must Know their Own Address: work with families so children are familiar with their own neighbourhood and know their street address
  • UPR: treat our kids with unconditional positive regard when we encounter them in the community. There are enough people who treat them with suspicion, let’s be patient and loving….always.
  • Escape! keep bus tickets/bus fare/cab fare/cell phone on you at all times so you can get to and from safety
  • Escape! (Again) Get on the bus and talk to the driver or go inside of local businesses and speak to store owners and inform them of your concern
  • “its ok to ask for help” – overall, just remember you should be able to ask your loved ones and people in positions of responsibility (like police) for help
  • House Numbers Visible: make sure your neighbours have their house numbers visible
  • BLOCK PARENTS: This is a good idea, having a sign visible in windows so kids know they can go their safely. We also discussed the slip side where someone could make the sign and falsely reproduce it…
  • Group Dog Walks: increased traffic increases safety and people get to know their neighbours
  • Be involved in children’s lives: ask kids what is important to them, what their goals are and encourage them to be whatever they want (regardless of gender norms)
  • Help Others: offer to assist to help someone in need
  • Go to School! make sure kids (any!) are in school
  • 7 Teachings: follow the seven sacred teachings, they are good guidelines for living the good life (love, respect, honesty, courage, humility, wisdom, truth)
  • Smile: smiles are free and contagious…so SMILE!
  • Student Parent Support workers: There should be more staff to liaison between the school and the family to see what is needed in the home and in the classroom to increase student success (and their families success too)
  • LEARN, LEARN & LEARN: Lots and Lots of Education -inside AND outside the classroom is needed for our kids to know how to keep them selves safe.
PHOTO CREDIT: Greg Littlejohn

PHOTO CREDIT: Greg Littlejohn

Photo of our group making the tobacco ties for the Jingle Dress event (check out #jingledress on twitter for more info)

PHOTO CREDIT: Greg Littlejohn

PHOTO CREDIT: Greg Littlejohn

Meet Me @ the Bell Tower Stop the Violence Movement Marches On!


The time is coming when Meet Me @ the Bell Tower Stop the Violence Movement will be turning two years old! If you feel like October is the best month to get involved the next 2 Bell Tower themes have been decided. The community building that takes place is a safe place where we can openly share and strategize about how we can stop violence. Take a look and get involved, together we can BE THE CHANGE and STOP THE VIOLENCE 🙂



October 18th, 2013 @ 6pm

bell tower med walk

Let’s take to the streets with our medicines and smudge our neighbourhood.

And Bring some food…we’ll eat it!



October 25th, 2013 @ 6pm

bell tower zombie walk

Come dressed up as a zombie and march around the neighbourhood with us. We will even be eating some snacks & be giving out toothbrushes!! More details to be decided on the 18th!!


If you are wondering what happens at the Bell Tower, check out Bell Tower 101 by CLICKING HERE

TODAY: Check out the Voices Leadership Team!

TODAY: #Opportunity to learn about the Manitoba’s Youth ion Care Network Voices, and their Leadership Team. there will be food too!

AYO Leadership Blog

TODAY: Check out the Voices Leadership Team!

A msg from Marie:

Today’s Tuesday October 15th (and the 22nd, and 29th) meetings are open to all youth in and from care ages 16-24 who are interested in the Voices Leadership team but not sure of committing for a whole year.

Come see what we’re all about and contribute to upcoming projects! Tonight we’re eating lasagna, garlic bread, and salad! Door opens at 5pm, dinner served at 5:30pm, and meeting starts at 6pm!

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TODAY: Path Employability Center Career and Agency Resource Fair

Path Employability Center Career and Agency Resource Fair
Come out and meet the North End Community and see what we have to offer
· Meet prospective employers and Community Agency representatives ·
North Centennial Recreation and Leisure Centre – 90 Sinclair Street, Winnipeg
Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Career Fair is FREE to attend

For further information on the Career Fair feel free to contact
Chris Mott or Chris Prince @ 204-927-2300