Idle No More 3 Year Celebration – December 10th 2015


What are you doing Thursday December 10th at 6pm? Let’s celebrate the hard work and the helpers of Idle No More in Winnipeg and share a simple message: The Village Is Thriving.

Let’s acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our community members and groups who constantly prove with their example that we all have a role in keeping our communities healthy. The Village in Winnipeg is a dedicated and tangible demonstration of what it means when many members of the community are all Idle No More.

We are currently gathering ideas! What kinds of activities would you like to see? Would you come to an event THURSDAY DECEMBER 10TH @ 6pm (location to be determined)?

We just celebrated 4 years of Meet Me at the Bell Tower and understand the importance of bringing community helpers together to celebrate & say meegwetch for all the gifts shared. All ideas welcome, contact AYO at Meet Me at the Bell Tower, on this blog, our website or social media ( / @AYOmovement).

Red Rising Magazine Issue #2 Submission Deadline: November 27th/15

Deadline for Issue #2 submissions is November 27, 2015. If you want to contribute, message or email:
We are looking for new pieces of writing that haven’t been published anywhere.

Please share with your networks! (Graphic by Justin Larivee)


Red Rising Magazine is a volunteer collective of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who would like to be able to showcase various forms of art, writing and photography. The goal of the magazine is to be able to share our stories and to give indigenous people a platform to have their voices heard, unfiltered. The direction of the magazine is to inspire, and empower the next generation of Indigenous writers, thinkers, and artists. We would like for people to be free to say whatever they have on their mind without being watered down.
We would like to keep the articles 500-700 words long. But if you have a feature that you feel like is worth submitting, 1000 words max.

Things we will be looking for (feel free to submit anything that you feel like, as long as it is Indigenous themed and hate-free)

– Indigenous/non-Indigenous relations
– Traditional family parenting
– Indigenous conflict resolution
– Identity, life experiences
– Addictions/obstacles
– Language/cultural revitalization
– Post-election
– Nationhood
– Land and land-based education
– Opting in and selling out
– Ceremonies
– Pipelines, environmental issues
– National Treaty Gathering
– Talent profiles (sports, authors, musicians, comedians, artists, producers, etc.)
– Current events, politics
– Art, photography
– Essays, poems
– Treaties, reconciliation
– Revolution, activism
– Business
– Education
– Systems (prison, education, CFS, anything else you can think of)
– Health and well-being
– Anything else that you can think of



If you’ve heard me talk about Child and Family Services in a class, in casual conversation, or in an article, you might understand the passion I have for seeing change within the broken system we, as youth in care, are subjected to. We are inviting those in power to make change, community members, and everyone else to participate in an evening of conversation and learning.

With help of the wonderful 25 Not 21 Committee, I will be participating in a dialogue at the Circle Of Life Thunderbird House on November 23rd. Please come hear us, in an event that is unprecedented in the Winnipeg community, as we share our experiences and the need for change.

What are we asking for? Better supports for youth after age 18. Successful indicators of transition are lacking in all measurements of child welfare outcomes. Youth are being dropped arbitrarily, for legislative reasons that do not conform to a moral or logical definition of why support is necessary.

Please let me know if you intend to make it, although RSVPs are not necessary.