West End Football Futures Clinic 2014


Register by May 15th for the 2nd Annual Free West End Football Futures Clinic for youth aged 9-17. Check out their facebook page for more info kn how to register as well as the registration form! Contact Don Woodstock at 204 880 1564 or DonWoodstock@gmail.com



The Vision of the West End Football Clinic is to inspire inner-city youth to have a vision that “Yes I Can” and “I am someone Special.”


Our goal at this Clinic is to initiate, stimulate and help improve the confidence, social skills and talents of the youth. Our belief is that they will make better life choices on their way to adulthood and in choosing their career paths. 
We do this by giving them a taste of football with guidance from real football players and coaches. Explaining how fitness, direction and goals can and will improve the quality of their lives.